Brooklyn, NY: Classic Soda Fountain With Fun Scoops At Brooklyn Farmacy
Sunday, October 27, 2013

Brooklyn Farmacy's Entrance

When SCOOP Blog visited The Brooklyn Farmacy, the Carrol Gardens institution looked like it had been around forever. In a way, it has. Although the Brooklyn Farmacy was founded in 2010, it's housed in a space that was a real pharmacy for nearly 100 years. The founders of the Farmacy, brother and sister duo Peter Freeman and Gia Giasullo, discovered the space and through its history, brought their vision of a modern rendition of the traditional soda fountain to life. Following in the footsteps of innovators like the Franklin Fountain, which seek to combine the magic of the classic soda fountain with modern sensibilities and updated recipes, Brooklyn Farmacy has succeeded in bringing classic, masterfully made culinary concoctions and elixirs to Carrol Gardens.

Having Fun at Brooklyn Farmacy

In addition to making great food and a memorable, authentic egg cream, Brooklyn Farmacy also makes some great ice creams. The scoops at Brooklyn Farmacy are especially noteworthy for their density and creaminess. When SCOOP Blog tried the Farmacy's flavors, we found them balanced and well-developed, leaning towards classic flavors, but also incorporating some modern ones, like the pistachio cardamom.

To take their scoops to the next level, there are two things Brooklyn Farmacy could consider focusing on. First, we believe that while the flavors are balanced, they lack a certain oomph. We thought the chocolate flavor could really use a stronger, more nuanced flavor. The mint could also use a fresh mint, rather than an extract. Also, when SCOOP Blog visited, we found the scoops to be a little bit too fatty. The ice cream left a coating on our mouth when we finished, and we also experienced slight clumps of what appeared to be pure fat in our scoops.

We really enjoyed the ice cream at the Brooklyn Farmacy and think it is several cuts above your typical neighborhood joint. We commend them for their attention to quality, and look forward to trying them again next time we visit NY.

Flavor Tasting Notes

Delicious Ice Cream at Brooklyn Farmacy

Black Raspberry

Tasty, dark black raspberry flavor, bordering on blueberry. Really excellent density and very creamy, but riddled with extremely large ice crystals.

Pistachio Cardamom

Great, dense base, but tasted like almond (not pistachio). Cardamom added a nice, exotic note to this tried and true flavor.


Good, well-balanced chocolate flavor. Seems more on the milky side. Could be more nuanced, but very enjoyable.

Mint Chocolate Chip

Great texture. Ho hum mint oil flavor that was nothing special. Good integration with chocolate chips that don't overpower the flavor.

Final Score: 7/10

Brooklyn Farmacy

513 Henry St Brooklyn, NY 11231