Manhattan, NY: Grom Gelato Is Traditional Gelato Done Right
Friday, July 26, 2013

Grom Gelato in Manhattan, NY

Grom opened their first shop in the Italian city of Torino (Turin) in 2003. Since then, the revolutionary gelato maker has continued to open up shops across the world, with stores in cities like Paris, Tokyo, Malibu, and New York. With a laser-like focus on quality of raw ingredients, Grom has searched the world for the finest pistachios, vanilla, lemons, and all the other ingredients it uses. Recently, Grom even planted its own farm in Italy, where many of the fruits for Grom’s gelatos are grown.

Given Grom's focus on fresh, high quality, organic ingredients, an important question to ask is: how can a gelato shop open up stores all over the world without giving up on freshness, one of the most important qualities of good ice cream? The secret lies in Grom's unique and extremely involved process. Although ingredients are sourced all over the world, they are shipped to each Grom shop, where they are all assembled into a final Gelato. Most notably, all the milk used in Grom gelato comes from Italy, where it is flash frozen and shipped across the Atlantic Each Grom shop comes equipped with all the equipment needed to make gelato in-house. Wow!

You can really the difference, too. Grom’s flavors are the best we’ve tasted in any gelato in the US. Compared to Capogiro in Philadelphia, which regularly gets rated as the “best ice cream in the world,” SCOOP Blog thought Grom’s flavors were stronger, deeper and more nuanced. When we ate the pistachio flavor, it tasted like the most perfect pistachio we had ever tasted. Also not to be missed is Grom’s special whip cream, made in house. We know what you’re thinking: “what’s the big deal about whip cream?” But this one is different. Trust us. Made using Italian milk, this whip cream has more flavor than any we’ve ever tried, and perfectly pairs with the gelato as it melts.

Grom's Decor Isn't Memorable

Décor is not Grom’s strong suit, and SCOOP Blog recommends that Grom update its digs and branding to reflect the high quality (and high price) of its product. The store in Manhattan’s West Village looks like a frozen yogurt shop. Although we don’t rate or review based on décor, it would enhance the experience to have enjoyed our $6 small scoop in a nicer setting

Grom is a special, authentic gelateria, and we highly recommend it to our readers. The only area we felt Grom could have really focused on (other than texture, which ran a little too goopy for us), is original flavors. Although everything we tried at Grom was perfect in so many ways, SCOOP Blog believes that if Grom wants to be one of the greatest ice cream shops in the world, it needs to be pushing the boundary. We hope that one day Grom introduces new flavors that challenge our taste buds and redefines what a great gelato can be.

Flavor Tasting Notes

All the Flavors at Grom


One of the most memorable flavors we had at Grom. Unbelievably balanced, strong, authentic pistachio flavor. Amazingly precise. This flavor’s texture was a little goopier than we prefer.


Super intense, very fresh hazelnut flavor. Density was significantly better than the pistachio.

Cassata Siciliana

This is based on a traditional Italian dessert. It contains candied lemon, candied orange, and almond slivers. The base has sheep’s milk in it. The sheep’s milk flavor was really tasty and mild – not too overpowering, like so many sheep’s milk ice creams can be.


Delicious milky flavor that really shows off Grom’s Italian milk. We really enjoyed the base, but wish the chocolate bits were better integrated into the mix. We thought the chocolate was too hard, and far too bitter for this flavor. It really interfered with the wonderful base.

Final Score: 8.5/10

Grom Gelato

233 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10022