Portland, OR: Lovely's Fifty Fifty Makes A Great After-Dinner Scoop
Sunday, July 21, 2013

Scoop Of Lovely Fifty Fifty Salted Caramel

Lovely's Fifty Fifty is the perfect hipster's paradise. Located in the enclave of North Portland, the shop features a vintage fifty's vibe, serving both gourmet pizzas and specialty ice cream. Cranking out special pizza pies, Lovely's has a reputation for having some of the best 'za in Portland.

But its ice cream, while tasty, can't compete with the best shops that SCOOP Blog reviewed in Portland. For a place that is run by people with a culinary gift, with founders that learned their trade at San Francisco's well-regarded Gialina Pizzeria, we would expect more from its scoops. Now don't get us wrong, the ice cream is very good and makes a delicious after-dinner dessert, but it could be SO much better. Especially for a city with heavyweights like Salt and Straw and Ruby Jewel.

Vintage Decor at Lovely's Fifty Fifty

Their flavor development is good, sticking to relatively simple flavors. SCOOP Blog would have liked to see a little more strength in the flavor, especially for the Huckleberry, which was quite light. But most problematic is Lovely's disappointing texture. WHERE IS THE DENSITY?? Lovely's has some of the least dense ice cream we've tried in a while, significantly affecting the rating.

In terms of flavors, the salted caramel is one of their most famous flavors, and also by far the best we reviewed. We recommend getting this flavor if you visit. But don't make a special trip, unless you're also going for the pizza.

Flavor Tasting Notes

Lovely's Fifty Fifty has flavors like huckelberry, salted caramel and chai pistachio toffee

Malted Milk Ball

Distinct whopper-like flavor. Stronger on the milk chocolate than malt. Lots of small chocolate bits. Good flavor, but chocolate bits interfere with the texture. Not too dense.

Choco Chip Cookie

Nothing special. Generic vanilla. Cookie dough is good, larger chunks. Fairly soft, so integrates well. Texture was not memorable.

Chai Pistachio Toffee

Wonderfully balanced chai flavor. Really nailed it. Pistachio bits add a little extra, though don't integrate as well as would like. Not much Toffee; subtle crunch. Mix-ins need to integrate better with the base. Texture is so-so. Nothing special; smooth, but a little on the runny side.

Salted Caramel

really good, strong saltiness with subtle burnt notes. But where is the texture? Not dense. Smooth, but really lacking density and mouthfeel of a great salted caramel Ice cream. Great flavor.


Slight bit of ice crystal. Same runny texture. Good, but slightly diluted, huckleberry flavor.

Final Score: 6.5/10

Lovely's Fifty Fifty

4039 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97217