Seattle, WA: Molly Moon's Hits Our Sweet Spot
Friday, June 7, 2013

When the SCOOP! Blog team saw the long line outside of Molly Moon’s, our hearts jumped, and we thought, an ice cream line not in San Francisco? Near close on a Sunday night, we hoped these Seattleites wouldn’t steer us wrong. After months of reading about Molly Moon’s, we soon learned why this Pacific Northwest ice creamery is loved by many.

Owner Molly Moon Neitzel left her world of politics and music to pursue something sweeter. Remembering her college days making ice cream, Neitzel wanted to recreate the sense of a community gathering space that an ice cream parlor adds to a city. The shop’s interior parallels this idea of community with long pew-like benches for customers to sit and enjoy their scoops like a big family. With five shops and one ice cream truck, Seattle can’t get enough!

Molly Moon’s strongly believes in using only local and seasonal ingredients, using organic ingredients whenever possible to create their unique scoops. Flavors like Salted Licorice, Stumptown coffee, Earl Grey, Balsamic Strawberry, and Scout Mint are thoughtfully assembled using the locally best ingredients, including the Girl Scout Cookies. Neitzel’s appreciation of local ingredients is not the only intriguing feature of her business concept. Bringing her social values forward, her business is able to pay 100 percent of employee’s health insurance and provide each team member with a proper living wage. Winning numerous awards and recognition, Molly Moon’s is not just an ice cream parlor, but an American success for small business with a passion for human equality. We really dig that!

Not to mention, Neitzel started Anna Banana’s Milk Fund, dedicated in her sister’s memory, to provide families utilizing Family Works Food Bank with weekly fresh milk. Not only is Neitzel making ice cream dreams come true, she’s also reaching far out into her community and giving back everything she has.

If you are looking for a secret in, read Neitzel’s book Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream co-authored by pastry chef and head chef at Molly Moon’s, Christina Spittler. Stuffed full with home versions of favorite ice cream recipes, including favorites from the shop, the book caters to all ice cream lovers. Enjoy recipes like Blackberry Sage, Cucumber Mint Sorbet, Pumpkin Clover, and mulled-wine sorbet, each categorized seasonally.

Molly Moon's Has Some Great Scoops, with Memorable Texture

Let’s put the ice cream where your mouth is! How does it taste, you ask? Staying true to their love of high quality, local ingredients, some of their flavor and flavor combinations were pretty mind-blowing. Upon trying both the Earl Grey and the honey lavender, something metaphysical happened— a true flavor combustion of sorts. The tea ice cream tasted authentic and slightly more delicious than a traditional cup of Earl Grey, while the honey lavender was like eating a lovely, spring day. We wanted all the other flavor options to alter our lives, too, but this wasn’t the case. The taste, creaminess, and density really varied flavor to flavor. We believe Molly Moon’s has some special flavors that we highly recommend, and we hope they can improve the quality of each scoop to match the stunning perfection of their best examples. If you are in Seattle, brave the line and appreciate all the Pacific Northwest flavor notes.

Flavor Tasting Notes

The space at Molly Moon's has a Great Energy, Infused with a Dedicated Fanbase

Earl Grey

Brilliant flavor and creaminess. Very authentic to the tea and has a nice lingering aftertaste. Perfect mouth feel. One of their best flavors by far.

Honey Lavender

Another winner for flavor and texture. Both the honey and the lavender are robust and perfectly balanced. The creaminess is memorable. Best honey lavender we’ve had to date, narrowly beating out Ruby Jewel!

Balsamic Strawberry

The strawberry is refreshing, but the balsamic is light, almost like an afterthought. Has a great denseness, but isn’t as creamy as the other flavors. Slightly grainy. We rate Salt & Straw's Strawberry Balsamic with Black Pepper significantly higher.

Salted Caramel

Excellent flavor, though a bit over salted. Great creamy texture. Fun to compare to Bi-Rite's legendary take on this flavor.

Birthday Neapolitan (Seasonal)

Dense and creamy. A combination of vanilla bean, strawberry jam, and chocolate chunks, it wasn’t a memorable flavor for us. The flavors were not distinct and we had to ask what was in it.

Final Score: 8.5/10

Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream

917 E Pine Street, Seattle, WA 98122