Los Angeles: Scoops' Creative Flavors are a Dud
Thursday, October 30, 2014

Scoops East Hollywood continues the tradition of hip ice cream and gelato parlors trying to catch in on the creative flavors trend. Founded by Tai Kim in 2005, Scoops bills itself as a gelateria offering unusual flavors, including Burger (yes, you read that right!), Brown Bread, and Blackberry Jasmine. With over 700 flavors, there seem to be almost limitless possibilities.

But the possibilities come to a screeching halt when one examines the quality of the scoop. As we’ve observed many times in the past, shops that don’t vigilantly focus on their best recipes and keep the daily flavor count to a modest level are at significant risk of producing a mediocre product. Scoops is certainly guilty of this crime, with many of the flavors we tried bordering on the unbalanced. Although some of the flavors we tried were actually interesting and tasty, Scoops gets almost no points for texture. We found their gelato to be grainy and goopy, with no density to be found. When we ordered our scoop, the scooper bragged that Scoops uses even less cream in their gelato than normal Gelato shops. Given that typical Gelato is already relatively low in cream fat, it is not surprising that the texture suffers greatly. Cream is a good thing, people! If we wanted to go on a diet, we wouldn’t be buying gelato.

This blog certainly supports Scoops’ experimentation, and hope they continue to push the flavor envelope. But narrowing the focus to balanced recipes and a richer base could dramatically improve their product. They should take a page out of Humphry Slocombe’s book.

Flavor Tasting Notes

Cinnamon Yogurt with Honey Apple Pie

Cinnamon light and balanced, good apple flavor. Honey and yogurt are hard to make out.

Blackberry Tea

Tea is subtle, with strong blackberry notes. Tasty and unique, but not memorable.

Mango Passion Fruit

Very good, strong, authentic passionfruit flavor. Mango is hard to detect.

Guinness Coffee

More coffee flavor than Guinness. Guinness if very light. Good, balanced coffee flavor, but not memorable. Icy.

Banana Burnt Sugar

Extremely grainy texture. Banana base is good, but very light. Could have much more bananas. Not astringent, like some banana flavors can be, which is good. Burnt sugar could be much more bold. Tastes like a really light caramel flavor.

Final Score: 6/10

Scoops East Hollywood

712 N Heliotrope Drive